MUZIK - 2020

Her musical life started in 2011. Semsa Bilge played on (RU) and also published as Guest Artist Mix Set. The Mix Set continued to be published until 2011-2014. She made her first single in 2013. In 2018, the first Single Space Age was released from Empire Studio Records. In 2019, Loopsradio (TR) started to broadcast Mix shows. Semsa Bilge is now part of Loopsradio's Artists section. Producer is working with Kp Recordings (TR), 48 Records (TR), Empire Studio Records (TR), Eles Records (TR), Duo Box Records (GB), Antarctic Records (DE), LDN Trax Records (GB), Rebellious Records (GB), Sound On Sound Records (GB). Semsa's genres are Techno, Melodic House, Deep House, Tech House, Trance, Psy Trance, Progressive House and Chill Out & Ambient.



Semsa Bilge - 11 Years (EP)
Semsa Bilge - 11 Years (EP)

Semsa Bilge - 11 Years (EP)
Semsa Bilge - 11 Years (EP)


Artist : Semsa Bilge
Track : 11 Years (Exit Mix) - 40 (Original Mix) - 2008 (Original Mix)
Label: Rebellious Recordings

Genre : Techno
Release date: 13.01.2020