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In this section, we have our Video Courses and T-shirts. Do not hesitate to contact us with any of your problems (Please contact us at Good shopping ...

Terms and Conditions

* T-shirts and accessories will be sent by Cargo. Be sure to write your shipping addresses in detail. In case of returning the product (if the product has a problem, specifying the problem if any), please contact
* Videos are in .mp4 format. Products can not be copied or reproduced, they can not be used except for the person / person who bought it, and they can not be sold by other people / persons in other places.
* The product can not be returned after it is purchased. If there is damage during the transfer in the files, please email the code of the product you purchased. Your file will pass smoothly.

* There is no refund for products. If the files are damaged or not opened, contact If you are not returned, you can return the product (s) within 30 days.